Most Accessible Vacation Spots!

After some extensive online research, I have managed to come across some pretty interesting stuff.  I visited several sites that are listed under resources but I think the most helpful one was on  the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.  They have a whole page dedicated to people with disabilities and it has a range of information and services they offer.  More specifically, it provides accessibility information on things such as appropriate handicap parking, level entryways, accessible sink heights, doorway widths and accessible restrooms and all of this being located across North Carolina.  It’s good to know this information for vacation.  It can also be useful to provide some insight as to what historical locations are accessible for school field trips, etc.  Reading about these accessible places has really intrigued me to visit these places even more just by knowing how accessible they are.  As mentioned in the PDF, North Carolina now has quite a few accessible tourist attractions like The Grandfather Mountain Mile High  Swinging Bridge, North Carolina Aquarium, Greensboro International Civil Rights Center and Museum.  For more information on any of these sites and many more I have listed the link under Resources.

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Perfectally Purposed

As I  mentioned before there have been plenty of times in my life where I’ve struggled with God’s purpose  for my life and why I’m in my situation and I honestly think that we all go through questionable times in our lives, especially as Christians whether we have a disability or not.  A few years back when I was about fifteen my parents and I joined a small group in our church that focused on community outreach and serving others just as we are commanded to do if we are followers of Christ.

It was around Valentine’s Day when our group decided to reach out in our community by delivering roses to the ladies at the local prison.  At first I was kind of on the fence about going because I’d never done anything like this before.  After the ladies received their roses they chose to preform a dance all done in sign language and about half way through it I could feel God speaking to me and I immediately started crying.  When the women saw me they started forming a line and every one of them gave me their roses which I had generously given them.  This touched me even more, obviously.

Later that night God spoke to me and said “See, I know you can be my example just by others seeing what all I’ve done through you and your life.”  I still don’t have a definite answer and I’m content with that because I know that one day I will either on Earth or in Heaven.  God used this humbling experience to show me that I can make more of an impact on the people around me  for Him by being in my chair.  I sometimes wonder how different my life would be if I could walk.  Would I be as grounded in my faith?  Would I be as close to God?

The list continues but I know for a fact that He has a purpose and a plan for everything because God didn’t promise us an easy life, but He promised to be with us through anything even our darkest times.  He has certainly been there for me.   All I know is God made me exactly the way He wanted so why would I argue with that?

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Troubling Tuesday…

You would honestly be amazed at some of the looks you get in public places just because you’re in a wheelchair.  Around 2009, my family and I were at Walt Disney World when this lady who was in a scooter was blocking the ride exit.  As we were leaving I politely said “Excuse me, ma’mm.”  All I continued to receive was silence.  Finally after about the third time of asking she deeply sighed and proceeded to give me the finger.  I was immediately taken back by what had just happened!  I somehow managed to squeeze past her into the sea of people.  As I reflected back on the incident the thought occurred to me about just how rude and inconsiderate people can be toward others.  It doesn’t matter where you go in life, some people just don’t think.  Even if I wasn’t in a wheelchair I would still hold the door for people or do the simple things to help someone out because that’s just what you do!  I’d have to say the mall is the worst because that’s where most little kids  intensely stare at me probably for one of these two reasons: They have never seen a wheelchair before or they have a phobia of them.

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Six Flags with my youth group!!

This past summer my youth group and I traveled to St. Louis, Missouri to attend an Alliance youth conference that only happens every four years.  My eyes were immediately opened by just how different that city was compared to Lexington!  I expected it to be different but it wasn’t like anything I had anticipated.  As we rode the metro from the airport to the hotel, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of people who were in wheelchairs.  That was shocking at first because I’m not used to seeing that, obviously.  Most people there either live within walking distance to everything or relied on public forms of transportation.  St. Louis was mostly accessible except for the ride to the top of the Arch because of stairs.  They do have a museum dedicated to the Arch beside where it is located that features small scale models of the Arch, artifacts from Lewis & Clark, a brief history of the Arch and more!

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