My first reaction  when I read about this was varied because having been to Disney twice myself and having no issues, I just couldn’t understand why they would want to change it?  As I read I took a step back and tried to view the situation from Disney’s perspective.  Disney had no control over what guests did with the passes after receiving them and I know that people aren’t responsible and honest all the time.  Chances are that when the disability passes were originally created no one ever thought this issue would arise.  The biggest issue I have with this is that I know in today’s economic times money is tight because if we’re honest everyone feels the pinch and the situation only exemplified as more people began to abuse this privilege.  You will always have those folks that continually cheat the system and my thought process is you know they’re getting pretty desperate when they try to fit a large group into the park under one disability pass.  However, in my past trips six people have been allowed to get on a ride with me.  I don’t necessarily like that the disability policy has changed, but I can easily adapt to it.  Now I do feel sorry for someone who is more severely disabled having to wait in line for something and I also don’t feel like it’s fair that we are having to pay the price for someone’s utter laziness. If people wouldn’t have abused it in the first place it wouldn’t be yet another hurdle that someone with a disability has to jump through.

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