Many times I’ve heard the phrase “Anything is possible” when in reality if you’re in a wheelchair that sometimes isn’t the case.   At least the possibility of driving is actually true.    Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to drive a vehicle in a wheelchair, however  I haven’t started this process yet but I plan to in the very near future.  The main thing is knowing where to start and the answer is simple.

You are obviously required to take Driver’s Ed and everything involved with that first and I have also heard that they have actual accessible vehicles available when you reach the driving portion of Driver’s Ed.  They request those vehicles from Greensboro, NC.  Everyone’s situation varies but I think those vehicles have a knob in the middle of the steering wheel.  The brake and gas pedals are located on the dashboard to allow easier access to disabled drivers and if their feet are unable to reach the floorboard.

I’m almost certain that in today’s technological age and advancements it is possible for your car to be modified in order to cater to the specific needs of your disability if that was needed.  The possibility of these things excites me because it will be such an incredible experience for me once I reach this point.  Being a senior in high school myself, it is kind of disheartening not being able to drive yet.  When you turn sixteen, that’s like the biggest milestone you reach.  I have to remind myself that just because I haven’t done it yet, doesn’t mean I never will.  In doing some research of my own I have found quite a few beneficial resources dealing with having a disability and driving.  Everything I’ve found is located under Resources and also check out my photo gallery for pictures of accessible vans/vehicles!

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