I’ve learned quite a few things throughout my life especially when it comes to living my life from a wheelchair.  The best advice I can give you is to never let your disability, no matter what it is rule your life.  Meaning  that you can’t let it control you to the point of depression because that’s never a good place to be.  I’m not going to lie it is the most frustrating, difficult and rewarding situation to be given.  The way I see it is if none of us were meant to be here, we wouldn’t even exist. We all have good and bad days but there comes a point where we have to just accept our circumstances and try to determine the best way to live with them.

Being in middle school is hard on anybody, but it only exemplifies when you’re in a wheelchair.  The last thing you want to do is stick out and in my case I really had no choice and people will stare but that’s just because they don’t realize how awesome disabled people are! 🙂  Seriously though, I really believe sometimes people take their lives for granted and nobody is perfect so you know we are gonna make mistakes at some point.

We just can’t let those mistakes define us.  I’ve often been asked “How hard was it to learn to drive your chair?”  I reply “Really hard.  Honestly my parents had it worse than me because I was so destructive with it, but then again I was only three.”  One reason why I think people can sometimes take things for granted is that they forget just how blessed they are just to be able to wake up everyday.  I’ll admit I want to walk more than anything in the world and I hear people say “I wish I could ride around all day like you.”   I think to myself oh, trust me you don’t.  It does have its advantages but it gets old REAL quick.

Another thing I’ve learned along the way is you have to count your blessings because there will always be someone in a worse situation than you.  The main thing I try to do is live my life for God and with purpose.  Furthermore, I have learned that if we aren’t living a purposeful life, than we aren’t doing anything.  God has also taught me that we can’t live our lives in fear because we will not be as effective for Him!

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  1. Andrea, what a servant to Christ you are! I can just imagine the grin that is on Jesus face when you started this project! He was probably elbowing Gabriel and saying , “now that’s MY girl!”

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