After some extensive online research, I have managed to come across some pretty interesting stuff.  I visited several sites that are listed under resources but I think the most helpful one was on  the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.  They have a whole page dedicated to people with disabilities and it has a range of information and services they offer.  More specifically, it provides accessibility information on things such as appropriate handicap parking, level entryways, accessible sink heights, doorway widths and accessible restrooms and all of this being located across North Carolina.  It’s good to know this information for vacation.  It can also be useful to provide some insight as to what historical locations are accessible for school field trips, etc.  Reading about these accessible places has really intrigued me to visit these places even more just by knowing how accessible they are.  As mentioned in the PDF, North Carolina now has quite a few accessible tourist attractions like The Grandfather Mountain Mile High  Swinging Bridge, North Carolina Aquarium, Greensboro International Civil Rights Center and Museum.  For more information on any of these sites and many more I have listed the link under Resources.

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