You would honestly be amazed at some of the looks you get in public places just because you’re in a wheelchair.  Around 2009, my family and I were at Walt Disney World when this lady who was in a scooter was blocking the ride exit.  As we were leaving I politely said “Excuse me, ma’mm.”  All I continued to receive was silence.  Finally after about the third time of asking she deeply sighed and proceeded to give me the finger.  I was immediately taken back by what had just happened!  I somehow managed to squeeze past her into the sea of people.  As I reflected back on the incident the thought occurred to me about just how rude and inconsiderate people can be toward others.  It doesn’t matter where you go in life, some people just don’t think.  Even if I wasn’t in a wheelchair I would still hold the door for people or do the simple things to help someone out because that’s just what you do!  I’d have to say the mall is the worst because that’s where most little kids  intensely stare at me probably for one of these two reasons: They have never seen a wheelchair before or they have a phobia of them.

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