Six Flags with my youth group!!

This past summer my youth group and I traveled to St. Louis, Missouri to attend an Alliance youth conference that only happens every four years.  My eyes were immediately opened by just how different that city was compared to Lexington!  I expected it to be different but it wasn’t like anything I had anticipated.  As we rode the metro from the airport to the hotel, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of people who were in wheelchairs.  That was shocking at first because I’m not used to seeing that, obviously.  Most people there either live within walking distance to everything or relied on public forms of transportation.  St. Louis was mostly accessible except for the ride to the top of the Arch because of stairs.  They do have a museum dedicated to the Arch beside where it is located that features small scale models of the Arch, artifacts from Lewis & Clark, a brief history of the Arch and more!

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