Why Do We Doubt  This morning I was reading in Matthew 14.  It’s where Peter walks on the water and although I’ve read about that countless times before this time it was altogether different.


Today, God spoke to me and asked me why I doubt Him? (v. 31) Truth is, I really don’t know why I doubt him so often.  I believe that our culture today has become so consumed by self-independence along with instant gratification that we’ve allowed these attitudes to seep into our relationship with Christ.


And, for what reason?! I think the answer is this: The world we live in these days has begun to instill false truths in our minds about Jesus’ true character.  Interestingly, the Enemy’s scheme of using false truths against God’s people started long ago.  (Genesis 3:1-15)  It happened the minute Eve chose to obey Satan’s instructions instead of God’s.  From that moment on humanity became marred by sin.  So you see, Satan has been playing the same mind games on God’s people for thousands of years.


In Jesus’ words, “Don’t be afraid,” “Take courage, I am here!” (Matthew 14:27) These are the words He so intimately speaks to our hearts when we’re in the midst of a storm where the wind and waves are too much for us to handle on our own.   Despite the circumstances we face in this life Jesus will always be there to grab us when we start sinking into the sea.  Isn’t that a glorious reality to remember every day?   This morning as God revealed this to me it definitely left me speechless and in awe of Him!


Understanding this glorious reality means that Satan’s mind games and doubtful thoughts don’t stand a chance against my mind.  I am so incredibly grateful for the miracle God gave me several summers ago even though it wasn’t a physical one.  God allowed the Spirit to come into my heart and chip away at everything that didn’t reflect Him.  My miracle was a renewed mind, heart and soul!


I’m glad Peter found the courage to step out of the boat because I’ll step out in faith as well.  If every Christian in the world did the same Satan would most likely run out of fiery arrows to throw at us!   I want to send him running back to where he belongs.  Lastly, I challenge you to join me in stepping out of the boat no matter how intimidating the waves might be.

©Andrea Pierce. 2016. All Rights Reserved.

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