ForgivenessBeing a Christian in this broken world we live in today is much more difficult than people realize.  Over my many years of being a daughter of the King I have come to the conclusion that if anything it makes life much harder at times, but in the end it makes life better because He is living it with us.  There are plenty of situations I have faced where doing the right thing is much harder because it’s something I am commanded to do as His daughter.   As I was praying and thinking about forgiveness the Lord brought this scripture to mind from Matthew that says,  “If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you.  (Matthew 6:14 NLT)  Forgiveness is something that we are called to as Christians even if we don’t necessarily want to do because of the flaws and imperfections within our human flesh.  Along with the great privilege of being His daughter comes the responsibility of listening and following the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Which, is something that is much easier said than done.  The one thing I can say from experience is that once Christians encounter forgiveness for themselves (if you believe in Him, you have received forgiveness yourself as stated in John 3:16) we begin to understand the power of God’s grace on a more intimate level.

God is always teaching me more and more about himself and as I’ve grown more mature in Him, the more I have learned that it is all about HIM and what He calls us to do!  Yes, there may be times where it would be much easier to continue going in our own direction instead of His, but that isn’t what we were created to do.  Think about the Prodigal Son, for instance. (Luke 15:11-32)  He decided to run away from the hardest things in his life out of the fear from the enemy.  The same concept can be applied to forgiveness because it is meant to free us not frighten us.  Satan will try his best to send us running in the other direction, so we don’t have to deal with our problems- God is the one we should be running toward.

Let me encourage you with these words from Matthew West from his song entitled: “Forgiveness”

It’ll clear the bitterness away

It can even set a prisoner free

There is no end to what its power can do

So, let it go and be amazed

By what you see through eyes of grace

The prisoner that it really frees is you.

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