blog 4  As God’s children we are all called to live our lives fully devoted to Him no matter what.  I made that awesome decision so many years ago, but the older I become the more I’m beginning to understand that on a much deeper level.  We aren’t expected to have everything figured out because that’s God’s job.  Along with that I have also come to realize the “storms” or difficult things we may be faced with can only bring us closer to Him and strengthen our faith.  I am so blessed to have such an amazing church family who has taught me so many lessons and allowed to me to grow tremendously deeper on a spiritual level.  Throughout my journey I have had the amazing honor and blessing of meeting some of the most encouraging and inspiring women I have ever known.    One of them is now where she always desired to be which is in Heaven with Jesus!  She’s now complete and totally healed of cancer!  Her life was a true example of what it means to live fully devoted to Christ.  The biggest lesson she taught me was to never give up and to keep running the race no matter what.  Witnessing this allowed me to start thinking: What do I want my legacy to be?   What will I be remembered for?  It is my hope and prayer that I will honor God through everything I do!  I firmly believe that my disability and the struggles I face allow Him to work in me and to also draw others to himself in the process.  Quite honestly, I am totally confident in whatever His plan is for my life!

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