blessing blog  Through the recent Thanksgiving holiday God really revealed to me not only just how incredibly blessed I am, but how blessed we are as sons and daughters of the King!  I feel like so often in my walk with God I tend to focus more on the things I can’t control rather than everything God has so abundantly blessed me with.  Yeah, I can’t walk but I have an awesome chair to use until Heaven.  It has taken me years to even begin to realize and understand this, but even though our plan for ourselves and God’s plan for us may not see eye to eye He is still faithful to His promises to us and blesses us beyond anything we could ever imagine.    Lately my heart has been pretty hurt for some of my friends who are going through things and hurting so deeply I couldn’t even begin to fathom what they have been through.  One thing God has so graciously shown me throughout my life is that even though we can’t always see the bigger picture and understand how it will all play out we have to put our hope and trust in Jesus in every circumstance.  He has a reason for everything no matter what and I know He is faithful to carry out what he thinks is best in every situation!  It can be easy to thank God for what we have at Thanksgiving or during the holidays but my prayer is that we will remember to count our blessings more than just once a year and that we might remember to be grateful for everyday that we are given!

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