Lately, I have been struggling with Satan trying to do whatever he can to keep me feeling discouraged and defeated.  I know that no matter how many lies get thrown in my mind God is still greater than everything and it is my hope and prayer this can encourage you today.  I take great comfort in knowing that because He lives in me I have his power to help get me through any obstacle I may face in this world and His power also allows us to see past Satan’s lies.  Throughout my life I have learned that God uses our biggest weaknesses to not only bring us closer to Him, but we also learn how to become more dependent on Him in the process.  Through this experience I’m truly learning that what I may think is impossible really isn’t because nothing is impossible with God.  That’s the promise I continue to cling to in these difficult times.   I’m also so grateful to be the daughter of the King that loves me unconditionally and who has already overcome this broken world!

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