As Christians we all have times that we feel really close to God and those times are great, but what about when God feels far away?  I have recently heard some pretty amazing testimonies of how God has worked through the worst times in life to make them the best.  I firmly believe that is part of the reason why He allows to experience our trials in life.  Even though I have wrestled with this for the majority of my life I never thought of it like this:  God loves the world he created so much that we are given the choice of free will either we believe in Him or we don’t.  In the same way, He gives us the choice to choose to be content with our circumstances whatever they may be.  God hates to see us suffer and I know every situation is different and yes I would be absolutely elated if He saw fit to heal me.  However, I also believe that God isn’t solely focused on Healing.  The amazing thing is that He sees the bigger picture and I think Christ is even more focused on what we accomplish for Him through our circumstances.     That’s why I choose to be content with the life that God has so graciously given me.

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