I feel like it can sometimes it can be extremely difficult for us to be fully dependent on God for our needs because we like being in control of everything. However, as followers of Christ we know that we were created to be dependent on Him and no matter how much we might think we know what’s best for our lives we don’t.  Living with a disability myself I have no choice but to depend on people to take care of my needs and I’m so incredibly grateful for all the people that have been placed in my life to walk with me along this journey called life.  Trust me when I say that it is certainly far from easy but one thing I am constantly reminding myself of is that God is with me no matter what and He knows where I’ll be in the future.    I often struggle with why I haven’t been healed yet and as hard as is I am perfectly content with having Cerebral Palsy.  I continue to trust and have faith that His will and plan for my life is a million times better than my own.   He has brought me through some of the most challenging and amazing things in the last eighteen years and I can’t wait to see where He leads me from here.   My prayer for myself and anyone who reads this is that although we may have to depend on people God wants us to be totally dependent on Him!

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