This is an extremely belated New Year’s post, but here it is.  As I reflected back over 2013 I was honestly amazed by just how much God blessed me with so many wonderful experiences and opportunities I never could have imagined.  2014 will be an amazing year that will have trials but I know in God’s strength I can do anything no matter how it intimidating it might be.  I will be closing one chapter of life by graduating high school and starting a brand new one!  I can remember thinking freshmen year that graduation would never come and now it’s here.  I’m just so thankful that God has guided me to this turning point in my life, and I know He will continue to do so in the future.  He already knows my future and what the outcome will be all I have to do is trust Him.  Sometimes that’s much easier said than done especially as my surgery is rapidly approaching.  I just remind myself that if He created the world and everything on it, who am I to doubt Him?  That’s what keeps me going.

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