I decided to do some research on the most handicap accessible colleges simply because I’m about to embark on this new journey myself.  I also figured this information could be very helpful as well.  My search began by visiting UNC ACCESS (Accessible College Campuses for Everyone Site Surveys)  This site was extremely helpful and informational.  ACCESS was actually created in memory of Thomas C. Barrett who passed away in June 2007.  Barrett was in his senior year at Elon University when he received several awards in honor and recognition of raising awareness for campus accessibility of sixteen UNC campuses.  The thing I found interest in was the scoring chart that included North Carolina schools.  The scoring ranges from the best to the worst.  Areas that were scored include Entrances, Elevators, Restrooms as well as classrooms.  I was very impressed that UNCG has an overall score of 0.79.  Since  I plan to attend UNCG to obtain an English degree after I complete two years at Davidson County Community College in order to get the necessary prerequisites taken care of.   Other colleges that were scored include: Appalachian State  University, East Carolina University, Elizabeth City State University, Fayetteville State University, NC A&T as well as many more.  I have included the link to ACCESS under Resources!

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