We all experience questionable times in our lives whether we have a disability or not.  I know that in my own life I have a tendency to struggle with these times more and along the way I’ve learned that it’s okay to question God but we just can’t choose to have a negative attitude or outlook towards the situation, whatever it may be.  I know from experience that the sooner you do your best to accept your circumstances, the sooner God is able to give you His peace that passes all understanding.  It wasn’t until this past summer at LIFE 2013 that I could truly feel God speaking to me and saying “All I want is for you to do your best to be content with these circumstances and trust me I know what I’m doing.”  Then it hit me like a ton of  bricks.  God already knows when we are going to struggle and go through trials and all we as his children are asked to do is trust Him in everything and in every situation.  I really don’t know the reason why for my circumstances yet but I am positive about one thing.  God has a way of using the trials and struggles we face to make us stronger in Him!

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