I’d like to start this post by thanking everyone who voted for me as your 2013 Homecoming Queen!!  It was a true blessing and God has definitely blessed me with amazing friends, family and community who sees me for me and doesn’t judge me for my chair.  All through school my parents have went above and beyond to ensure that I wouldn’t be treated any differently just because of my disability.  I really am incredibly grateful to them for doing that.  I honestly think that it showed others how to accept people regardless of their limitations.  I can remember back in elementary school always being known as the “cool kid” because of my chair and most of the people I’ve went all through school with have grown to accept my chair as well because they don’t know any different.

Being voted Homecoming Queen showed me that those people will always see me for who I really am and to think that they think and care enough about me to carry out a tremendous honor and privilege for our school.  I’m truly stunned at the amount of support and encouragement I have gotten from all of you!  I am also grateful that God has given me this opportunity to reach and impact even more people for Him!!


Homecoming 2013

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